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  • When the rain brings pain?
  • When the rain brings pain?

When the rain brings pain?

What are the reasons behind the increasing flooding in our cities once the raining season begins? Is it true that a big part of the problem is the result of structures sitting in waterways? Why are people allowed to build and reside wherever they want including on wetlands? What happened to spatial planning?

In his interview with David Ampofo, Kwadwo Yeboah argues that those who say Accra is not well planned are wrong. Rather, Accra is not well built. He presents several spatial plans that are meant to guide the growth and development of the city, and says the problem is that none of this is implemented.

“We have prepared this scheme outlining how development should be on the ground but if you go to the ground now, it is at variance,” Yeboah contends. “When we prepare the scheme, we need finance to do the implementation, the implementation is not done by Town and country Planning alone.”

He also explains that people build in places that have been earmarked for roads and drains and this is one of the reasons for the flooding.

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