• Monday , 5 June 2023
  • How easy is the solution to Ghana’s power crisis?

How easy is the solution to Ghana’s power crisis?

In this interview with David Ampofo, a former Director of the Volta River Authority, Mr D. D. Boateng, offers some practical solutions to the power crisis in Ghana and explains how the current load shedding exercise can be brought to an end within a week. “The blame game is the problem”, he says. “That is the reason why the solutions are not forthcoming. We should settle down, identify the problems and get to the root of it. Then the solutions will emerge as to which way Ghana can go.”

He calls for the use of less energy, calling for demand side management as the first step to solving the crisis.  “At a time like this, or anytime you are confronted with a problem like this, you have to critically examine the demand. What is it that people need electricity for? What is the waste associated with the use of energy? How can I take the waste off?  And by taking the waste off, the demand will drop so that supply can cope with it.” “Consumer education is extremely important”, he adds.

D. D. Boateng argues that in our situation, solar energy should be encouraged to take on part of residential load such as lighting. He explains that LED bulbs consume less energy and their use should be widespread.

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