• Friday , 27 January 2023

“Galamsey” Activities in Ghana, A mass illegality or a single story?

In this interview with David Ampofo, Chairman Musah of the Prestea Mining Group calls for a concerted effort by the government to help illegal miners instead of chasing them out of business.

“People say that galamsey miners destroy the land. There are those who do large scale work on the land with caterpillars. They go miles into the ground and turn the soil upside down” he contended.

“They call it illegal because we don’t have the license to operate.”
“That’s why I want the government to come in and help because we have no jobs; that’s why we are doing the galamsey. It’s not our intention that we are coming to destroy the land—No!” he said.

He further stated that; “When we do the galamsey, we get money; we build, we buy cars, we do better things with the money. Right now all the correct buildings in this town are for the galamsey people, the gold dealers.”

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