• Tuesday , 5 July 2022
  • Finding your way around Ghana
  • Finding your way around Ghana

Finding your way around Ghana

Do you know the name of the street you live on? Can you direct people to your house in Ghana using just the street names?


There is a major exercise underway to name all streets and number houses in Ghana. Urbanization is taking its toll as it doesn’t seem to have even been contemplated and there is the need to inject more order into the city. David Ampofo is tracking the street naming and house numbering exercise and has been speaking to people involved as well as professional town planners.  Frank Tackie is one of Ghana’s most experienced town planners.


Tackie argues that properly named streets are long overdue but he suspects that Ghanaians will have trouble using them simply because they aren’t used to them.


“Whether we are going to turn around culturally and start using street names, remains a big question mark,” he contends.

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